Pacific Business Solutions Ltd is a London based  security service provider which is licenced, insured, and bonded as per law. We are provider of uniformed security guards on short and long term contracts to various businesses and organisations. Together we are committed towards making you and your property safe and secure with our professionalism and value added services. Our 24×7 on duty dispatch is available at your service to help ensure the best security environment at:02082203376

We strive to meet the needs and requests of our clients, and to ensure the safety and the well-being of our employees, while providing the most exceptional services in the industry. Our security guards are trained to assist in the prevention, deterrence, and detection of vandalism, theft, or safety-related incidents.

We are a client-focused company – for that reason our foundation is providing best performance by our people. We start with thorough background checks, screening and training.

Our guards are carefully chosen, licensed and well-trained. They are supported by a team of individuals who are passionate about protection and customer service. We encourage continuous education at all levels and provide opportunities to expand our employees’ skill sets and industry knowledge. This culture allows us to provide high caliber security officers with relatively low employee turnover.

We are committed to our clients and uphold our fundamental responsibility to actively serve them. We look forward to partnering with you.