Reception and Conceirge Services require a keen eye and effective countermeasures whether you realise it or not, your retail space is exposed to countless threats and the latest research shows these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated.

One of the most important responsibilities of running an office building is proper security management. Pacific Business Solutions Ltd will greatly reduce, if not stop, all vehicle break-ins and theft of automate vehicles. Pacific Business Solutions Ltd  provides expert protection for your office facilities Our security officers will keep your office premises free from vandalism and break-ins and maintain safety for your employees and vehicles.

Office buildings, sadly, are prime targets for break-ins and vandalism. Businesses in an office building are often subject to theft of all types of computer equipment; PC’s, laptops, printers etc. while vandalism is always a problem that must be dealt with. Pacific Business Solutions Ltd provides professional office building security management to ensure your buildings vandalism problems are minimised, if not eradicated.


Our security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations, so if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur; we guarantee to provide you a rapid and effective response.We aim to build a partnership from start to finish that will maintain and adapt as your project/site expands and progresses.

✓Access control, carried out with courtesy and firmness by your Security Guard
✓A visible security presence
✓A warm welcome for genuine visitors from Security staff
✓Information provided to visitors
✓A smart security staff to maintain and enhance your image
✓Great communication skills