What is manned guarding?

Monitored/Manned guarding is an exceptionally compelling method of eradicating criminal harm and robbery, making it quite possibly the most proactive safety effort that you can take against wrongdoings.

But what exactly does it include?

 It is a security administration that includes setting safety officers at your premises, typically out of hours however some of the time when staff are as yet present.


For instance, you might require your premises to be watched each hour; you might require a solitary safety officer and additional groups, or you might require a safety officer for the duration of the evening. This will all be subject to the size of the site, area and issue. Pacific Security Solution can provide guards that are medically fit and prepared in case of any significant factor as per your requirement. 

Pacific Security Solutions consists of well-established, and highly experienced specialists in manned guarding services. Providing effective and discrete services, supported by our impressive behind-the-scenes technology and logistics, our personnel are seamlessly integrated into the daily life of the premises they’re protecting.

Pacific Security Solutions. supplies SIA endorsed monitored guarding administrations across the UK. We are famous for the quality and ability of our monitored guarding staff. Our officials work to the most recent adaptations i.e., the Code of Practice. 

Pacific Security’s officials are as of now sent on a wide scope of destinations including building security, building site security, private security, distribution centre security, void property security, front of house security, and manufacturing plant security. We comprehend that various areas have various necessities, so we accept that understanding our client’s particular requirements is central to conveying fruitful help.

 Ways Event Security Guards Can Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

  • To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in their countries, governments worldwide took various strict measures. These include social distancing measures, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders. This resulted in the banning of all kinds of public events and gatherings.
  • The availability of vaccines and the reduced number of active cases have allowed governments to lift these restrictions in recent times. So, now certain events can take place. However, it is still necessary to make sure the event is controlled and supervised very professionally.
  • That is where event security guards can play a crucial role, and that’s why their demand is also rising. While it is challenging to have a public event in such situations, it is not impossible to minimize the potential spread of the virus with certain measures.
  • Because of such circumstances, more responsibilities fall on the event organizer, especially the security guards that are on event duty. They need to carry out some extra duties, and they need to be extra vigilant. 

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